Ƶ Staff Council

Serving as a voice and advocate for all Ƶ staff since 1994

Serving as a voice and advocate for all Ƶ staff since 1994

The Ƶ Staff Council (ƵSC) has been in existence since 1994. The purpose of the ƵSC is to advance the mission of the system as a whole and to promote and foster the welfare of system staff through the combined creativity of staff representatives from system institutions. It is a representative group for all staff at all institutions of the Ƶ.


At the request of the Chancellor, the ƵSC participates in the process of Ƶ governance by advising, recommending and consulting with the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee(s) concerning the establishment of policies and procedures. The ƵSC provides procedural guidelines to system institutions relevant to the formulation of staff representative bodies. These bodies address local issues and forward systemwide concerns to the ƵSC. The ƵSC maintains a systemwide communications network to provide for efficient transmission of relevant information to system staff.

Annual Dues

FY 20 dues are due by October 1, 2021.

Meetings and Conferences

The ƵSC meets once a quarter in February, May, July and October. The February, May and July meetings are typically held at Middle Georgia State University in Macon. The October meeting is a statewide annual staff conference which is open to all staff of the University System. More information on upcoming conferences can be found under the Register for the ƵSC Conference tab on the left.