Ƶ Branding Guidelines

External Affairs Division

The following guidelines were developed as a reference for Ƶ staff, especially those who create documents for external or formal audiences. Such documents include, but are not limited to, news releases, presentations, promotional or marketing materials, ads, websites, emails, and other messages designed to represent the Ƶ and its programs.

It is the responsibility of each individual who develops correspondence or promotional materials for Ƶ divisions, departments, programs, centers and units to adhere to these guidelines to ensure that a harmonious message and identity are communicated to the Ƶ’s varied audiences. This includes materials for programs sponsored solely by the Ƶ or for which the Ƶ may be a co-sponsor with another institution or organization.

Ƶ Communications maintains the system’s visual and editorial standards.

When considering or developing publications, please contact Ƶ Communications early in the process to ensure that your publication is in compliance with these standards and, therefore, helps build the Ƶ brand.

If you need guidance/have questions related to Ƶ’s Branding Standards, please contact graphics@usg.edu.